Social Studies unit on Asia was linked with IIM's learning activities (Type I, II, and III) with a focus on China.
Essential Question: What shapes the development of a community?
Guiding Questions: 1) How do the natural or physical features of the country affect the lives of the people?
2) What customs are an important part of the culture of this country? (language, arts, food, sports/recreation, religion, holidays/festival)
3) How do the laws and government in this country improve the quality of the lives of the people and their way of life?
After students had a broad overview of Asia and China, they were presented more Type I activities (Immersion) in which they watched video clips and read different China books from the library. Afterward, they were given Type II activities(Process of teaching new skills for them to complete Type III activities) in which they learned to take notes during the video, take notes from books, and how to organize the notes they found. With the notes they found, they wrote an informational essay about China. When the informational essays were completed, students had an opportunity to do Type III (Interest Based Independent Projects/Studies). Students were presented with a list of products that they can work on and a list of China topics. They were able to think about what their interest/strength and jot down the product and topic they wish to work on along with two people they think they work best with.

Product Suggestions

Create a model
Conduct a debate
Create a cookbook
Make a board game
Write an essay
Make a time line
Write a book
Make a diorama
Make a poster
Create a slide show
Make a display
Write true/false questions
Draw/Paint a picture
Plan a journey
Create a pop-up book
Give a speech
Create a video
Create a dance
Make a map
Write a new song
Write a journal
Make a chart/diagram
Create a word search
Make a postcard


Great Wall of China
Endangered Animals
Terracotta Soldiers
Forbidden City
Physical features of China
Other Suggestions