Learn to De-Clutter your Inbox

When the following email is received, two things can be done.


You can either 1) Download attachments and delete files, or 2) Delete files only.

*Start here to accomplish Task #1. (Scroll further down to accomplish Task #2 only).

To download an attachment, put your mouse pointer on the attachment link (in this case, called "scantron schedule") and right click your mouse.

Once you right click, many options will appear. Choose "Save Target As..."


A "Save As" box will appear, decide whether you want to save in "Desktop" or "My Documents." Click on either one, then click "Save."


After downloading is completed, the following box will appear. You can either "open" the file to view it or "close" it.


*Follow the steps below for Task #2.

To delete an email (with or without an attachment), click on the "X" and it will automatically place the email in the recycle bin.


Now, click on "Delected Items" on the left-side of the screen (highlighted in blue).


Then click on the icon that looks like a recycle bin. A box will appear that asks, "Are you sure...?" Click, "OK."


But WAIT, you thought you deleted the email, but it's not "permanently" deleted yet. Just one more step before we're done. Click on the second recycle bin with the back arrow.


A screen will appear with all the emails you've deleted. Click on the first email, then on the keyboard, hold the "shift" key and press the "down" arrow to highlight all the email.


It should look like the image below. Once the emails have been highlighted, click on "X Permanently Delete." A small box will appear and ask "Do you want to permanently delete the selected items?" Click, "OK."


We're finished! Now your inbox is less cluttered!